have recently denoted the growing number of questions coming from Poles living in the UK. They frequently ask about the possibility of returning to the Polish labour market. Some of them only test the water – they ask about job offers in their profession and potential salaries, there are also some determined to come back – they send CV and ask for help in finding a job.

If you live abroad and consider coming back to our beautiful country – this is the moment!

Poland’s unemployment hits 26-year low, salaries have increased about 6,5% in comparison to last year,  employers are fighting for employees, especially physical labourer, but there is also plenty for those who want to work in the office. Did you learn English during your stay abroad? Great! It will be even easier to find a job.

More on this topic you can watch in the programme with my participation in Superstacja: https://youtu.be/_Bl8wN8QYOE

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