The median of average salary of an MBA graduate  is almost three times higher than a Master’s one. It doesn’t  come as a surprise as a tuition fee itself is very expensive.  But the employers should perceive it as an investment – an MBA graduate earns more; however, thanks to knowledge acquired at the university s/he can multiply company’s income. In my opinion, skills developed at this type of studies are useful regardless of a company’s size. Every company needs improvements and a good manager can contribute to rapid growth of the business.

MBA diploma helps when one tries to change the job. MBA studies frequently appear in applications sent to our company. The degree doesn’t come with actual skills, though. More universities introduce MBA studies to curricula, but the level of teaching is diversified. Before we decide to begin such studies, we need to familiarize ourselves with programmes and  lecturers. I don’t also recommend MBA to everyone. Basically, this programme is designed for experienced managers, so it is advised to acquire work experience before taking up such studies.

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