Ughh, I need more money… and even more interesting challenges… How long are you going to work in the same place? It seems fine because you know the whole company inside out, and you do almost everything automatically, but a change means development.

You are sitting peacefully at work, focused on your well-known tasks when the telephone rings. You do not recognize the number, but you answer the phone calmly and suddenly… A nice voice informs you that there is an interesting offer for you with significant increase of salary. Pure fantasy? Not at all! Such information reaches many people who are hunted by a contemporary hunter, a headhunter.  However, if you would like to have such a chance, you need to allow yourself to be hunted.  It is definitely worth listening to the headhunter’s proposals  – especially because our local headhunters look less dangerous than their Amazon counterparts.

How a headhunter’s work looks like and how to get caught? This is the topic of the podcast with Marcin Iwuć from ‚Finanse bardzo osobiste‘ blog.

In 41. Episode you will hear about e.g.:

– how to make the job look for us?
– after how many years of work in one company, should we change the job?
– when do we change jobs too often?
– who is a headhunter?
– how does headhunter’s job look like?
– what is the difference between a headhunter and a job center’s employee?
– how does a typical headhunter’s day look like?
– who does a headhunter hunt?
– what traits and skills should a good headhunter have?
– where does a headhunter look for candidates for jobs?
– what to do to make a headhunter interested in us?
– how to take care of our image on the Internet?
– does it make sense to send a CV to a headhunter?
– who is a headhunter interested in?
– how to prepare for an interview with a headhunter?
– what can a headhunter ask?
– how to build career?
– how does a headhunter convince the potential candidate to change their jobs?
– how to talk about salary with a headhunter?
– how does a recruitment process look like in headhunter’s work?
– how to succeed in building career?
– who has the biggest changes to be hunted?
– what mistakes can hinder the career’s development?
– who is a career advisor? How can s/he help?
– when should we think about a new job?
– what to do when a person lost a job or feels burn-out?

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